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About Konara Cancer Care

Konara Cancer Care represents a group of practitioners dedicated to providing comprehensive Head and Neck Cancer services in the Hunter Region. We can provide care in an integrated setting, ensuring that your patients have access to a team of specialised practitioners including surgeons, radiation oncologist, physiotherapist, dietitian and speech pathologist. 


The Konara Cancer Care Team consists of:

Dr Daron Cope               

    - Ear Nose Throat/Ablative Surgeon

Dr Matthew Mason         

    - Radiation Oncologist

Dr Eileen Tan-Gore         

    - Maxillofacial /Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Aoife McGarvey         

    - Physiotherapist


Kelly Stephenson

    - Dietitian

Claire Jeans

    - Speech Pathologist

Di Baxter

    - General Manager


Referrals can be made by:

Direct referral to the individual practitioner via email

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Konara Cancer Care

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